How to wear: Sleeveless Blazer/ Long Vest for Fall/Winter 2015

Hi everyone. 😀

So what’s that one trend that you’re absolutely pining for, and dreaming about day & night? And I’m talking about Fall/Autumn, because Summer is clearly getting over. As I type, it’s 20 degree celsius and the wind has been getting chillier every day. I mean, seriously, August is not even over & it’s ALREADY getting cold? I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when it’s full-fledged winter. Brrr! Like my SO keeps telling me that it will be crazy- mind-boggling cold weather for months & months, but oh well- I’ll just have to see how I survive through it, right? 😉

Anywhooo, coming back to my point, or else I’ll keep rambling. So you know what I desperately want for my Fall wardrobe? I really, really want a Long Vest! Olivia Palermo has given it her style stamp and the Kardashian clan swears by it as well. It’s clearly the ‘IT ITEM’ for Fall, and all the fashionistas having been swearing by it.

But you know what the problem is? The usual one, I’d say. 😛 Most of the styles are quite expensive, and for trying a new trend- I really wouldn’t want to spend a bomb. So I hunted high & low, and finally found a style that fits my dream and budget. 😉

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Awards Sunday! :D

Happy, Happy Sunday to you all!

I hope you had a great week and that the weekend has been all about relaxation and fun that you’d been looking forward to.

As for me, I have been cra-aazy busy studying for my NCA Examinations. The entire Examination structure is completely opposite to what I’d been doing in India, so yea, it’s got me quite psyched & I’m really stressed pretty much all the time.

But, but, but I have been super excited for doing THIS post because the super sweet & lovely Brianna at OnlineBeautyFinds nominated me for the Liebster Award. Oh my Gosh- for some silly reason this gets me all hyper & animated! 😛

Ok, so let’s jump right into to the Award 😀 😀

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The Fashion Genie is FINALLY here- BLINGE <3

So today I’m talking about something, which every woman on this planet ponders about. And I certainly can’t put it better than Rebecca Bloomwood from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. Remember those golden words- “You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well, that’s what it’s like when I see a Store. Only, it’s better! “

I know, right? Even more, when the Store proudly displays the four-lettered word- SALE on its windows. That’s pure love, and nothing comes between my ❤ & me. And can you blame me? There’re just so many options to choose from & I literally NEED all of it in my life. I swear, I REALLY REALLY do.

But lately I’ve started realising that wallet constraints can be a big bummer, especially when your heart pines for all high-end brands. 😳 Versace, why you gotta be so expensive!! So you know that moment, when your best friend throws an impromptu party, and you have nothing new to wear & an empty wallet at the end of the month! I do not like repeating clothes, so I would try my best to make the old ones work at such times. But, trust me, you &  I both know that swapping the belt, or shoes, do not make that old dress look new. It still looks timeworn and faded, and I do not feel as confident as I want to, when I enter the party. 😦

Aaaaand that’s why I have been on cloud nine, since I found Blinge! In plain, simple words- it’s my fashion genie & it grants me all my wishes. What else could I ask for! 😛

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How to wear Culottes!

Hi everyone,

Happy Happy Tuesday!

To all my fellow Canadian residents, how was the long weekend? The weather was absolutely perfect all the 3 days, and I’m so bummed that we didn’t get to hit the beach. :\

But, but but… this weekend I finally went to watch ‘Jurassic World’. I wasn’t expecting much out of it,  but I actually enjoyed every bit of it. Quite different from the previous ones, and a really, good movie- I would say. Oh, but contrary to my previous statement regarding the weather- it started pouring cats & dogs once the movie got over. We were planning to eat at ‘Shoeless Joes’ because I wanted to try it out, so we had to dig out the umbrellas cause it was literally 20 steps away from the Hall. Oh, and funny story- the waitress actually asked for my ID when I ordered my cocktail. I mean, can you believe that- I’m so sick of being asked for my ID ALL the time! 😡

Anyhoo, what inspired this post is the super cooling AC in the Movie-hall. Seriously, somebody should tell them to turn it down. I was wearing a dress, and I did carry my Cardi, but my legs were getting super-duper chilly. And all I could think was- Culottes! That’s what I NEED next time! Hahaha. 😛

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