Vera Wang Princess Set- Review!

Hello everyone,

Happy Tuesday to all of you! 🙂

Ohk, so remember the time when I created a Spring List here? I had so much of fun doing that, & I’d been looking forward to finalising a Summer version as well. But only when it feels like summer, right? It was raining here for the entire weekend, and all my plans to get out of town were “whoooooooosh”– thrown into the trash. Aaand now that the weekend is over, look at that Sun shining! 😡

Anyhow, I’m still excited because this week is going to fun, family & soo much shopping (here’s hoping for that ^^’ ). Yes, I’ll be travelling to Chicago & then heading to a big, fat family event over the 4th of July weekend. And the coincidence can only mean more awesomeness, right? Also, that reminds me that I haven’t even started packing so I’ve to get to that as well. 😛

Moving ahead, remember me talking about Dolce by D&G in my Spring List? I found that bottle sooooo pretty-pwetty that I’d ve considered getting that solely for that reason. Well, luckily I’ve got one such in my collection now, and it’s even more pretty. ❤

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The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D

Hi everyone!

Happy Happy Saturday to all!

Like I said, I’m back with a detailed review of the Beauty Blender. Now before I start raving about the very famous, the very popular & super-talked about holy-grail product of every makeup-fanatic on this planet, I just wanted to talk a bit about my next post. If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen how amazingly pretty it looks, and yes, I’m talking about the Vera Wang Princess Set. It comes in an absolutely dreamy packaging, and smells like ..well, you’ll have to wait for the next post to know more about it, right? 😛

Anyhow, did you know that the original Beauty Blender can actually be used with foundations, primers, blushes, highlighters, contour creams & just pretty much everything!  Whaaaat! I love my Beauty Blender even more now! It’s truly living up to the hype that has been created around it. I’ve been reading about it for the longest time, and everyone swears that none, and LITERALLY none of the dupes work as good as the original one. So, here I was, a newbie under 2 weeks to the Big City of Toronto, heading straight to Sephora, at the Eaton Centre. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s Sephora in New Delhi as well, but Oh-Em-Geee- everything at the Sephora here is wayyyy better. They have a fantabulous selection- I mean I cannot possibly describe how I restrained myself from splurging too much, or rather even deciding what to splurge on. Actually splurge is the word that my husband would use. For me, shopping at Sephora would always be about necessities. >:D Continue reading “The Beauty Blender- How to Use/ How to Clean :D”

Hello, Toronto + SALE picks :)

Hii everyone!

Phew! Seems like an entire century has passed since my last post. I truly apologise for not having been able to keep up, but I actually had a huuuuuge life-transforming change shaping up. So basically,I have crossed the mighty oceans & finally moved to Toronto, to live with my husband. The VISA wait had been getting excruciating, and well, I’m not going to ramble about sad details- but I’m definitely exhilarated every morning, when I wake up next to him. ❤

It is certainly a drastic change, and it’s hardly been 2 weeks here, but I have already got my hands on some prettiness. The first thing that I did was rush to Sephora, and get that elusive beauty blender that everyone had been raving about! The mysterious pink egg- I just had to crack that down, and get the fuss that has been created about it. I’ll be doing a detailed review on that & a few other stuff soon. Oh my God- I’m already getting excited- too much to talk about, & too little time! 😀 Continue reading “Hello, Toronto + SALE picks :)”