Subsciption Addiction: MSM Box Review!

Hi everyone!

How are you’ll? I’m really sorry for the delay in posts. I know, I know it’s been a little too long this time. Things have just been super-super hectic lately, but I’m definitely not going to let this happen again. 🙂

Anyhow getting on today’s post, I have been loving Subscription Boxes! The sheer exhilaration you feel when you’re unwrapping a box, to discover the awesomeness sent your way, is simply unparalleled. Which gets even better when the packaging has been done in an amazing manner, which is exactly what MSM Box has! All the goodies were carefully wrapped in a delicate tissue paper, and stuffed with confetti like stuff. Plus, one of the products smells real good, so as I tore open the package, I was like- Woah! What is that enchanting smell! Did they put a perfume in here? This feels magical whilst unwrapping the Box. 😀

IMG_3237 IMG_3238                                                                   Just look at THAT! 

Ok, so getting straight to the Box- it came in a Pink & Grey hard Box, which is cuteness on a whole different level. I can already see myself reusing this, and that is really exciting. Colourful, structured boxes stacked on top of one another- isn’t that a lovely thought! ^^’

Also, as you can see, MSM Box sends Gift Vouchers with every pack, so I got a Complimentary Voucher of Rs. 250 at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Yum!) & Rs. 449 off at O2 Spa! And who doesn’t love a Spa voucher, right? >:D

IMG_3233 So moving on to the other goodies, I received two Makeup products in this Box. They sent a Makeover Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Green & a Tients Nail paint in this pretty pastel peachy shade. Haven’t checked the longevity of the nail paint yet, but the colour looks gorgeous. And the green eye pencil isn’t something I would have opted for myself, but the pigmentation seems quite good, so I’m happy! 🐱

IMG_3239 Apart from these, they sent a Pomegranate Face Pack. Sized at 50gms, and priced at Rs. 150- I cannot wait to try this! I have just smelt it till now, and it does smell inviting & makes me want to apply it right NOW.


There’s more! You know they weren’t done with their awesome packaging till now. I received these super-pretty floral bangles, which have been kept in a sheer, shimmery bag. How lovely is that! Plus, anything floral during summers is always welcome. Oh & they’d asked for my bangle size when I was ordering this Box, so it kind of gave this surprise away, but these fit me perfectly. ❤

IMG_3240 Lastly, aren’t you wondering what was the super fragrant product? Well it was a Rose & Almond Handmade Bathing Bar by Natural Bath & Body! This smells totally amaaaaazing! Even now whenever I open the box- it’s like I’ve been transferred to some fairyland. It would kind of be like keeping a fragrant potpourri in the bathroom whilst using this. Like a really good one. 😛 Oh & it’s priced at Rs. 175.


So that’s it & well, haven’t I made it plenty clear by now? I freaking here. 🙂

Also doesn’t this inevitably raise a comparison between Fab Bag & MSM Box? Well, honestly I didn’t like their April Bag at all & I haven’t received their May Bag yet. So once I do, we can talk about this. 😀

Ok  then. Talk soon.


Surabhi ❤


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