So its 26th May, and the Fab Bag finally gets delivered. Guess we’re just expected to get used to the fact that they’re making it a habit to deliver when the month is almost over. 😳

Anyhow, leaving all my sarcasm aside, I’m pleasantly surprised with the May Fab Bag. Looks like they actually realised that they’d been lowering their Bags lately. Although I still do have one problem, but I’ll get to that later. I can start with good stuff- so here it is. 😀

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Bridal Shopping: Summer Wedding Trousseau under 30K- PART I

Hii everyone,


So  I just browsed through the latest collection of Exclusively & Pernia’s, and I just HAD TO write a post about what I found. RIGHT THAT SECOND. Or actually after a little while, because putting all this together took some time. 😛

Now before I begin, my heart aches as I write this, but I sort of went crazy shopping a while back. You know what happens when there’s a fabulous sale at AZA. So yea, basically, I kind of have to control myself, because I’m  on a self-imposed Shopping-Ban these-days. 😐

But you should DEFINITELY seize this opportunity! These outfits are beyond gorgeous, and at such an appropriate price-tag. Have a look for yourselves, and in PART I, I’m listing the ones from Pernia’s.

So, I’m starting with the Sarees, because well, you always need a couple in your wardrobe. 🙂

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Subsciption Addiction: MSM Box Review!

Hi everyone!

How are you’ll? I’m really sorry for the delay in posts. I know, I know it’s been a little too long this time. Things have just been super-super hectic lately, but I’m definitely not going to let this happen again. 🙂

Anyhow getting on today’s post, I have been loving Subscription Boxes! The sheer exhilaration you feel when you’re unwrapping a box, to discover the awesomeness sent your way, is simply unparalleled. Which gets even better when the packaging has been done in an amazing manner, which is exactly what MSM Box has! All the goodies were carefully wrapped in a delicate tissue paper, and stuffed with confetti like stuff. Plus, one of the products smells real good, so as I tore open the package, I was like- Woah! What is that enchanting smell! Did they put a perfume in here? This feels magical whilst unwrapping the Box. 😀

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Fab Finds: Affordable Designer Anarkali Suits from Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

Hii everyone,

So, if your Facebook friend-list is anything like mine, you’d know that probably a third of our country got married towards the end of April. I mean everyone I know either got married, or attended a wedding! Practically everyone! 🐱

Well, there’re obviously going to be more weddings, as the season is approaching. So if you were wondering how to look absolutely smashing at the next wedding you attend; or if you’re a Bride-to-be (Congratulations, btw 🙂 ), and are looking for some beautiful Anarkalis for your trousseau, look no further. I understand how super expensive such clothes can be, and  honestly, you shouldn’t have to spend a bomb on every outfit. I mean, there’re tons of places where your wallet is already going like- Aaaaa! I don’t have anything left. Will you stop ogling at horrendously expensive clothes! 👿

So, I have finally compiled the best available Designer Anarkali Suits under 20k! (On Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, btw) This took some amount of research, but I actually love, love, LOVE finding such hidden treasures. I have given colour options, wherever they’re available & arranged them in an ascending order as per their price.Keep scrolling to find the one that you’d love!

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