Get Her Style- Anushka Sharma in Ripped Jeans!

Hi there!

Happy Fridaaay, people! I hope the week had been going great for all of you, and like me, even you’re you excited that it’s FINALLY Friday. 😎

Anyhow, getting to the matter at hand, I had been planning to start with a Get Her Style series, ever since I started this Blog. But it somehow kept getting postponed, probably because I wanted to keep the first ensemble basic and very relatable for everyone. As we go on with this series, we’ll experiment more with other styles. Sounds good? 😀

So, Ripped Jeans have been around for a while and are quite major in the fashion sphere. They’re very comfortable and instantly lend an edginess to an otherwise simple outfit. Now, Anushka Sharma has been seen favouring these, at the trailer launch of her movie- NH 10, and also while at the Airport. So, taking inspiration from her looks, I’m going to tell you how to get her look for yourself, in much cheaper alternatives. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.33.27 Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.33.19

In the first look, her jeans are cropped and in a loose, boyfriend-like fit, which resembles this one here. Also, this lemon shaded blouse is beautiful with its unusual lace detailing and so much easier on the pocket. Then, Anushka has finished the look with Givenchy sandals, which let’s face it- not all of us can afford. 😛 So, give these a try. Or these ones, which are a little more similar and a tad bit more expensive.

For the second look, she’s chosen a more laid-back attitude, with a basic white tee, like the one here and fitted distressed jeans, similar to the ones here. Basic white sneakers finish out her airport style. (Psst- these Reebok sneakers are at 55% off! Hurry 😀 )

I have always done this for my friends because they’d tell me something that they saw, or describe something which they would want, and I’d have the time of my life finding that for them- Hahaha. I’m so glad I started blogging about this because there are so many other looks that I want to talk about, so l’ll continue posting more in this series. Also, if you think there’s a look that you would want me to decode for you, please let me know in the comments below. 😀


Surabhi ❤

[Picture Courtesy: Anushka Sharma’s pictures:]

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