Splurge vs. Save: Valentino Rockstud Pumps Replica

So when exactly do you know that you spend too much time shopping or rather window-shopping online? Well in my case, when I start finding designer lookalikes, without even actually trying to find it. 😛 I have so much more which I can add to this List, but today I’m going to talk about those elusive Valentino RockStud Leather Mid-Heel Pumps, which look fabulous! I mean, I have been seeing them for so long & every-time, I’m like- sigh! if only!!  Have a look at this beauty, & you’ll know what I’m talking about; oh & in case you didn’t know, it carries a super-heft price tag of around INR 69-72k. So yeah, well. 😐 Continue reading “Splurge vs. Save: Valentino Rockstud Pumps Replica”


April Fab Bag Review!

Hii everyone,

Finally it’s time to tear open the package and get inside our favourite, monthly bag! For some totally crazy reason, I received my Fab Bag quite late this month- I mean if almost the entire month has passed & I still haven’t received it- you know how that would feel, right? Especially when I’m literally waiting for it every day of every month- like my doorbell rings & I’m like- Oooooooooh! 🙄 Haha, ohk maybe not everytime but still quite a lot.

This month’s Fab Bag is the 9to5 Bag & they have literally gone all the way to stay true to their theme- I mean, they’ve got you covered right from the shower to the final grooming steps before you walk out. 😛 Intrigued, enough? Let me show you all that I received this month:


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Get Her Style- Anushka Sharma in Ripped Jeans!

Hi there!

Happy Fridaaay, people! I hope the week had been going great for all of you, and like me, even you’re you excited that it’s FINALLY Friday. 😎

Anyhow, getting to the matter at hand, I had been planning to start with a Get Her Style series, ever since I started this Blog. But it somehow kept getting postponed, probably because I wanted to keep the first ensemble basic and very relatable for everyone. As we go on with this series, we’ll experiment more with other styles. Sounds good? 😀

So, Ripped Jeans have been around for a while and are quite major in the fashion sphere. They’re very comfortable and instantly lend an edginess to an otherwise simple outfit. Now, Anushka Sharma has been seen favouring these, at the trailer launch of her movie- NH 10, and also while at the Airport. So, taking inspiration from her looks, I’m going to tell you how to get her look for yourself, in much cheaper alternatives. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.33.27 Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 10.33.19

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Top 5 Best Dressed- Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2015

The much talked about Fashion Awards were held last night at The Leela, Mumbai and I just had to come up with my List of top 5, especially once I saw Shraddha Kapoor’s outfit. 😎 I may not like her acting, but her sartorial choices are absolutely adorable. Even though she doesn’t experiment much, I think she nails a pretty-lovely vibe with all her outfits.

1. Shraddha Kapoor

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 17.20.41 Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 17.20.49

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ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets

Hi everyone!

So remember how I’d mentioned about something exiting to share with all of you? Well, without building up on a nail-biting suspense, I’ll get right to it, starting with a very simple question. 😉

In today’s continually evolving generation, which literally hops from one product to another within days, whether it’s a new phone, bag or shoes, wouldn’t you prefer to own something which has more significance to you? Rather than just purchasing new products, which are probably owned by your best friend as well, or the guy that lives down the block, wouldn’t it be better to own a product, which is exclusive only to you? Continue reading “ISOLANA LONDON: Revolutionising Leather Wallets”

Bridal Asia, Mumbai 2015- Affordable Designers you should know about!

Hi everyone!

I visited Bridal Asia on 12th April, & I just couldn’t wait to share all the details here. Also, I was thinking- I’m going to start posting on Monday’s, so you can start the week with some awesomeness. Hehe. ^^’

Anyhow, getting on with today’s much awaited post, everyone knows that Bridal Asia was here in Mumbai from 10-12th April, 2015. The moment I came to know about this, I was over the moon with excitement, although, somehow I didn’t really get a lot of time there on Sunday.

However, I still have some great finds to talk about today, so you should keep scrolling for I have compiled a list of affordable designers with outright amazing designs! I have even included contact/shopping details so in case you missed out on the Exhibition, you’d still know how to get the good stuff. 😉

All of these are lightweight, breeezy designs, which you can wear at Sangeet, Mehendi, Friend’s/Sibling’s Wedding and even later! Even their Wedding collections were gorgeous and so much lighter on your pocket that you’d be wondering how you’d never given these labels a thought! Without much ado, let’s get started. 😛

Divya Reddy

image (3) image (2)

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Lusting Over- The Spring List

Hiii 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!

I know the very beginning of the week feels extremely drab, but today I have created this lovely little Spring List & I’m sure that this is going to brighten up your day. There’s the perfect spring lipstick, perfume, outfit ideas & so much more. I have mixed some new products with some oldies, so keep scrolling for a boost of all things cute & pretty. ❤

  •  The Spring Lipstick


Recently, I have been obsessed with lipsticks and I would sway between brights or sheer shades of lipstick during summertime, so I’m sure that I would have different preferences after a couple of months. But for now- I am absolutely loving bright pinks for spring. Mac Speak Louder used to be my all-time favourite pink, but then I got my hands on Lakme 9to5 Creaseless Fuschia Field and I have to say, it is an exceptional lipstick. The longevity is so much better and the formulation is extremely creamy. I have reviewed it with all minuscule details over here. So check it out, people. 🙂

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