Minty Fresh Combinations: Summer Wedding Colours!

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday, people! I’m very excited today because I’m going to talk about something new. I haven’t really discussed any wedding stuff on my Blog, but I suppose I had been waiting for an inspiration; which struck me yesterday, & here I am today- with outright amazing ideas! 😛

Anyhow, on a serious note, I know that weddings aren’t anything easy. There are obviously unimaginable number of matters to be fretted upon, and trust me, more often than not- the Internet just confuses you out of your wits, instead of solving your problem. You have to be very selective and careful in your screening process for there’s a lot of unfiltered information out there, which honestly, you can do without. 🙄

So, enough with the small talk, I’m going to shut it and come straight to the point. Today I’m going to be talking about colour-combinations for the perfect summer wedding.  As we all know, most Indian Weddings are envisioned to be loud, bright and a myriad of colours. But that’s not exactly soothing to the eyes in the sultry, sweaty months. Luckily, things are changing and people are experimenting with pastel shades; bridal bouquets, unique centrepieces, and brides’s girlfriend’s in coordinated clothing. So yayy for all the positive changes in the usual humdrum affairs. 😛


Although even whilst experimenting, most people still choose pink, white, peach or canary shades. And the problem is that in spite of being very, very pretty; these colours are also very, very mainstream, like the one shown above. 😐

Well, don’t you worry and keep scrolling if you want inspirations for some gorgeous and unconventional combinations- which would just knock your spring/summer wedding right out of the park. 😎

I have put together ideas revolving around the colour- Mint, which surprisingly isn’t used all that much for weddings. Keep scrolling and you’ll know that whether you’re having a destination beach wedding, or one in your parent’s backyard- these MINT colour combinations are definitely going to make you rethink your decision. 😀

#1. Mint-Lavender Combination: The combination of Mint & Lavender exudes a subtle elegance. I don’t know how this remains an unexplored combination–but this would look so fresh for a Spring/Summer Wedding.

Untitled  U1ntitled   Unti11tledUntitlqed  Un1111titled

#2. Mint-Peach Combination: When you combine Mint & Peach, both such delicate colours–the result is extremely graceful & oh-so-pretty!! ❤ This is one of my favourite combinations with Mint. Have a look!

Un111111titled Unt111itled Unti5555tled  Untitle333dUntitle33322d

#3. Mint-Yellow Combination: These two colours are like a match made in heaven & have a cheery charm. It’s definitely an uncommon combination even though the result is so refined & sophisticated, plus has a calming effect– how can you not at least try this theme? 😀

14444Untitled 13333Untitled  1555Untitled 1111Untitled12222Untitled

This is all for today people. I hope you found my combinations fresh and unique. Trust me, people will be swooning all over the place with these off-beat ideas at your wedding. I have so many other posts lined up, about which I want to talk, but my schedule has been very hectic these days. Anyhow, thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

-Surabhi 🙂

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