Lusting Over: Taylor Swift’s 20 Outfits from Blank Space

Ok, so I was probably living under a rock or something, ’cause that can be the only possible explanation for me stumbling upon Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Music Video only last week. 😳

Anyway, the first thing that caught my attention was obviously the black lacy Elie Saab that Taylor wears right in the beginning of the video. As soon as I saw that I was like- Woah! I had been waiting to see that off-the-runway & she looks unbelievably gorgeous in it. But then, the very next minute she switched into another one of his creations, and then some other super-yummy goodness by Dolce & Gabbana,  Oscar De La Renta, and then I noticed it. She changes 20 times in 4-minute music video! Oh-My-God! 😯

Again, the fact that I’m quite LITERALLY obsessed with her style makes this even better. Whether it’s looking ethereal in her fairy-like ensembles; or preppy with her school-girl vibe; or spreading her retro-chic movement; or donning her swoon-worthy ball-gowns at Red Carpet Events; or even wearing something simple as high-waisted shorts or crop tops- nobody does it better than her. Wouldn’t you agree?

For me, I absolutely loved every single outfit, as the styling complete with her signature red lips and cat-eye liner is immaculate in every shot. Having said that, ranking oufits is always fun. So grab that popcorn, and keep scrolling.

20. Oscar De La Renta Sleeveless Rise & Fall Dress


Besides that shade of baby blue, this is quite a simple dress, with circular and asymmetrical flares. Though the simplicity doesn’t take away from the psycho girlfriend cutting holes. 😛

19. Georges Chakra White Dress


Looks quite pretty an outfit, with thigh-high slit, to burn your boyfriend’s clothes and throw them off the balcony.

18. Oscar De La Renta Blouse with Ralph Lauren Jodpur Pants


Long, ruffle sleeved blouse paired with patch-work jodhpur pants look classy- but for me, not quite at par with the bar that Taylor sets in this Video.Though as usual, I’m loving the big shades & red lips.

17. J. Mendel Dark Red Gown


Ooooh, that’s the dress you’d wear when you’re destroying your cheating boyfriend’s painting. Take notes, girls. 😆

16. Prada Oxblood Dress


‘Cause its reminiscent of the similar colour shirt-dress worn while making it. Plus the matte red lips & winged liner look beautiful here! ❤

15. Miu Miu Crop Top + Topshop Trousers


Even when she’s angry, she turns out in that fabulous crop top with plaid pants. 😥

14. Dolce & Gabbana Black Gown


Oh My God! Look at that face! because that’s all I could see in this shot.

13. Miu Miu Top + Katie Ermilio Shorts


Carving names on a tree. Awww! Those lavender bow-shorts absolutely complement this romantic/dramatic gesture.

12. Dolce & Gabbana Silver Gown


Ooooh, slinky, silver all over. So gorgeous! ❤

11. Katie Ermilio Crop top + Skirt


That is such a classic Taylor outfit; making her look all badass, yet classy as she trashes her boyfriend’s car.


Then she puts a J.Mendel Fur Stole on, & this outfit goes to a whole another level.

10. Oscar De La Renta Blouse + Milly Skirt


And again, as she axes that tree down, this lacy dress is pure love, especially when accessorised with those sexy stiletto booties.

9. La Perla Bustier + Brief


This is how the song opens- Taylor wearing this all black, lacy lingerie outfit. You know me; anything lacy always has me on board. 😉

8. Project Runway Gown


Running around the garden? Of course, you need THAT dress for it. 😛

7. Jenny Packham Blue Gown


This is all we get to see of this outfit, but isn’t the beading exquisite?

6. Naeem Khan Bandeau Top + Shorts

TS13 Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 0.56.30

Okay, seeing her here, I had to find out how this was presented on the runway. See!! Now, I kind of wish that she hadn’t given the Cape a miss. Oh, and in case you didn’t know she just dropped her boyfriend’s phone in the fountain.

5. Stephanie Waldrip Halter-neck Top + Skirt


Honestly, with all its simplicity, this is the PERFECT dress for a picnic- complete with those retro Linda Farrow sunnies. ❤

4. Elie Saab Black Sheer Dress


Now like everyone, even I’m smitten by how her boyfriend looks here; but Taylor’s all dressed to the nines as well. For walking the dogs, though!

3. Oscar De La Renta Dress


Apparently when she’s happy, she coifs her hair perfectly & wears this delightful tulle dress with super-pretty embroidery to hang paintings. 🙂

2. Elie Saab Black Lace Gown


Now, this is THAT ELIE SAAB, that caught my attention at once. You can clearly see why.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Blouse + Skirt, with Ralph Lauren Heels


Even though this wasn’t easy, this is my favourite one. I’m never the one to like animal prints- neither on dresses, nor on shoes. But would you look at her? Looking fabulous as ever, even as she channels her crazy girlfriend mode.

The song is fantabulous as well; it has been on repeat on my playlist for quite some time now, and I seem to be in no hurry to change that. What did you think of this song? And the video? 🙂

-Surabhi 🙂

[Credits: All pictures taken from and; Naeem Khan’s Runway Picture-; Cover image: ]

2 thoughts on “Lusting Over: Taylor Swift’s 20 Outfits from Blank Space

  1. Hey,

    I don’t write comments because I would need to log in 😛 It is so clear that a lawyer has written this stuff. Hard to miss with the diligent referencing! As always, loved the playful tone of the article along with a few nice phrases thrown in between! Do you know that I always read your written lines as if you were talking right infront of me , complete with your specific intonations and rhythm ?

    Cheers, Saumya

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you, thank you, thank youuu so much! This is soo sweet of you. Only someone with a keen eye for detail like you would notice that. 😉

      And yes, I know! That’s exactly how I want my writing to be- and I’m so glad to hear you say it. ❤


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