Minty Fresh Combinations: Summer Wedding Colours!

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday, people! I’m very excited today because I’m going to talk about something new. I haven’t really discussed any wedding stuff on my Blog, but I suppose I had been waiting for an inspiration; which struck me yesterday, & here I am today- with outright amazing ideas! 😛

Anyhow, on a serious note, I know that weddings aren’t anything easy. There are obviously unimaginable number of matters to be fretted upon, and trust me, more often than not- the Internet just confuses you out of your wits, instead of solving your problem. You have to be very selective and careful in your screening process for there’s a lot of unfiltered information out there, which honestly, you can do without. 🙄

So, enough with the small talk, I’m going to shut it and come straight to the point. Today I’m going to be talking about colour-combinations for the perfect summer wedding.  As we all know, most Indian Weddings are envisioned to be loud, bright and a myriad of colours. But that’s not exactly soothing to the eyes in the sultry, sweaty months. Luckily, things are changing and people are experimenting with pastel shades; bridal bouquets, unique centrepieces, and brides’s girlfriend’s in coordinated clothing. So yayy for all the positive changes in the usual humdrum affairs. 😛 Continue reading “Minty Fresh Combinations: Summer Wedding Colours!”


Quick Post: Anushree Reddy ‘The Royal Courtyard’ + March Fab Bag Review!

Hii everyone!

Oh-my-God! This entire week has been extremely hectic and I was waiting for the weekend, when a little brown package got delivered at my place. Yes! It’s my March Fab Bag and it’s finally here. *Jumping up and down with excitement* 😀

Oh, but before we get into the Bag, one of my ABSOLUTE favourite Designer just presented her show at the Lakme Fashion Week, and Ileana D’Cruz was the show-stopper, along with a beautiful performance by Kanika Kapoor. ❤

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 13.58.34 Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 13.58.23

Anushree Reddy’s Collection named- The Royal Courtyard has just been unveiled & not many pictures are available yet. Following should be enough for a quick sneak peak. 😀 Continue reading “Quick Post: Anushree Reddy ‘The Royal Courtyard’ + March Fab Bag Review!”

Paris Fashion Week, 2015 Highlights- Kangana Ranaut + Beauty Trends & Street-Style

Now, I am no expert at this- but I am going to go ahead & say that Paris Fashion Week is the crème de la crème of the Big Four Fashion Weeks. ( New York, London & Milan being the other three).

The Ready-to-wear/Fall-Winter Fashion Week was recently held from 3rd-11th March, and our very own Kangana Ranaut was at the front-row at Christian Dior’s show. 😉 She even pulled off an uber-edgy look, while at a Mobile Phone Launch in Paris.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.51.42

                                      ( FROW at Christian Dior’s Show )

kangana-manish-2Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 14.51.10

(Look at that Half-blazer/half-dress! And oooh yes, that’s Manish Malhotra clicking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower with her)

Anyhow, if I keep drooling over everything that she did and wore while at Paris, this will turn into an extremely lengthy post. So let’s cut to the chase & get to the streets & makeup-rooms of Paris Fashion Week, 2015. Continue reading “Paris Fashion Week, 2015 Highlights- Kangana Ranaut + Beauty Trends & Street-Style”

Lusting Over: Taylor Swift’s 20 Outfits from Blank Space

Ok, so I was probably living under a rock or something, ’cause that can be the only possible explanation for me stumbling upon Taylor Swift’s Blank Space Music Video only last week. 😳

Anyway, the first thing that caught my attention was obviously the black lacy Elie Saab that Taylor wears right in the beginning of the video. As soon as I saw that I was like- Woah! I had been waiting to see that off-the-runway & she looks unbelievably gorgeous in it. But then, the very next minute she switched into another one of his creations, and then some other super-yummy goodness by Dolce & Gabbana,  Oscar De La Renta, and then I noticed it. She changes 20 times in 4-minute music video! Oh-My-God! 😯

Again, the fact that I’m quite LITERALLY obsessed with her style makes this even better. Whether it’s looking ethereal in her fairy-like ensembles; or preppy with her school-girl vibe; or spreading her retro-chic movement; or donning her swoon-worthy ball-gowns at Red Carpet Events; or even wearing something simple as high-waisted shorts or crop tops- nobody does it better than her. Wouldn’t you agree?

For me, I absolutely loved every single outfit, as the styling complete with her signature red lips and cat-eye liner is immaculate in every shot. Having said that, ranking oufits is always fun. So grab that popcorn, and keep scrolling.

20. Oscar De La Renta Sleeveless Rise & Fall Dress


Besides that shade of baby blue, this is quite a simple dress, with circular and asymmetrical flares. Though the simplicity doesn’t take away from the psycho girlfriend cutting holes. 😛

Continue reading “Lusting Over: Taylor Swift’s 20 Outfits from Blank Space”

Quick Post: February Fab Bag Review!

Hii everyone!

This long Holi weekend is turning out to be an absolutely crazy one & with multiple family & friends get-togethers, it’s definitely not even close to over. Anyhow, I wanted to do a quick post on the February Fab Bag, like I had promised here.


Now, this is my very first time with Fab Bag, so I don’t really have any past experiences to compare it with, but I absolutely loved their February Bag. All the five goodies, along with the bag & the tiny magazine- everything! ❤

Continue reading “Quick Post: February Fab Bag Review!”

Best & Most Wearable Spring/Summer 2015 Trends- Premise & Execution

Hii everyone!

Today is going to be about my favourite trends from the runways of Spring/Summer 2015; including the premise and execution. 😉

Also, I got my February Fab Bag on 28th; on the very last day of the month! 👿 Anyhow, I love each & every thing, and the cute little bag which came along; and would review all of it very soon. So let’s get started with the most wearable S/S 2015 trends:

1. Gingham

Gingham is clearly back & has become like the new black. Shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, bags- you name it and it would be available. An extremely easy look to wear, and looks good on everyone. I love the way Michael Kors has paired the skirt with an off-shoulder crop top.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 14.19.20 Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 21.08.13   

Lela Rose- S/S 2015;                   Diane Von Furstenberg-S/S 2015 Continue reading “Best & Most Wearable Spring/Summer 2015 Trends- Premise & Execution”