Birthday Today! :D

So Birthdays can be one hell of an emotional ride-especially when you look back & note just how much has changed within the duration of merely 365 days!  o_O

Some year, you’re going about your day, flooded with good wishes & courtesy smiles- whilst your head is wondering if any of them is ‘the One.’ Okay, of course this doesn’t apply in a strict manner- but you know the feeling when the classmate who never spoke to you, gets all excited to wish you with the biggest possible grin on his face &  goes on & on with his endless questions about your day? And I’d be thinking about how formulaic celebrations have become- or rather even life, at times. All these typical girl-stuff around us lures us to ‘find’ our ‘prince charming’ & more often than not, we have this notion at the back of our heads. And in all honesty, I cannot stress enough on how farce this looks like–obviously once you’ve grown out of your lovely dreams.

Anyhow, getting back to the smooth life, the year passes by and on your next birthday, you realise that you haven’t just found out ‘the One’; but as fate would have it- you’re actually married to him as well. Woah! What a beautiful and unimaginable turn of events! Well, well, as they say- when Cupid strikes, there’s little the humans can do. 😛

So, yes- as I look back- meeting my husband, getting married & all those beautiful memories are absolutely the highlight. And, on that note, this holds true not just for 2014, but for always. Especially when you include the post-wedding holidaying. *giggles*

All my life my Birthdays have been my favourite days of the year- and why should it be any other way? I get to be super-excited & demanding all-day-long (although my friends would argue that I’m on an adrenaline high throughout the year- but well, to each his own. 😛

Anyhow, in spite of being away from my love, this Birthday is special in its own ways.  Having lived in Hostels for a considerable part of my life, I’m home today after 8 whole years. And I’m extremely thankful to God for this day. I do have to get back to my routine, but I wish all the happiness for everyone around me. I’ll get back with detailed updates of my Birthday in the next post. 🙂

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