Current obsessions: SITA + Pink Lipsticks

Last Week I met my BFF after like a really-really long time, and it felt absolutely fantastic. We didn’t really have much time on hand, but tried to catch up on every possible thing. 😉

I have known her for 19 years; that’s practically all my life and the interesting part is that the last time we were in the same school, was like when we were 9 years old!

Well, my Dad’s job takes him all around the country, and so a 9-years old little girl made a pinky promise to her best friend that they would exchange letters & cards, irrespective of the distance. Can you believe that we actually did it; and today in spite of me having grown up in 5 different schools, our bond has just grown stronger with time. ❤ Continue reading “Current obsessions: SITA + Pink Lipsticks”


Sale Alert! Unbelievable Picks from IndianRoots

Now I may not be completely updated with all of these oh-my-god-is-that-for-real! sales presently going on at every possible Mall/Website; but I do know that IndianRoots is killing the competition with their offers. ❤

They have crazy discounts on a plethora of designer wear including the collections of Rohit Bal, AM:PM, Arpan Vohra & the like, which you WILL NOT find anywhere else. Trust me, this is like my area of expertise since my Wedding. 😛

Anyhow, as I’ve had my fill of traditional wear, with my Trousseau & some other prettiness that I picked for my Birthday last week; I was scrolling through dresses when I saw this from AND: 🙄

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Nostalgia: Visiting my Junior College

Two days back, I visited my Junior College at Peddar Road- Sophia College for Women. After 6 whole years! I completed my High School from there, whilst residing in their Campus Hostel. They do not accept many students for their Hostel & the seats are extremely limited. But if you do get in, you’re sure to have the best time of your life. Sophia’s Hostel is much, much, much better than any other in India. Period.

Although trust me when I say this- I never actually realised how absolutely breathtakingly beautiful the architecture & the gardens look, until like two days back! In spite of living right there for two, loooong years, I never really took a moment to turn around & give it a second glance; and then I found myself standing there, completely awestruck. o_O

Being at Sophia brought back a flood of memories, especially because I’d met two of my closest friends in that time. It has been 6 years since, & the WhatsApp group of the three of us is still named- Room 22! 😛 Continue reading “Nostalgia: Visiting my Junior College”

Birthday Today! :D

So Birthdays can be one hell of an emotional ride-especially when you look back & note just how much has changed within the duration of merely 365 days!  o_O

Some year, you’re going about your day, flooded with good wishes & courtesy smiles- whilst your head is wondering if any of them is ‘the One.’ Okay, of course this doesn’t apply in a strict manner- but you know the feeling when the classmate who never spoke to you, gets all excited to wish you with the biggest possible grin on his face &  goes on & on with his endless questions about your day? And I’d be thinking about how formulaic celebrations have become- or rather even life, at times. All these typical girl-stuff around us lures us to ‘find’ our ‘prince charming’ & more often than not, we have this notion at the back of our heads. And in all honesty, I cannot stress enough on how farce this looks like–obviously once you’ve grown out of your lovely dreams.

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The Pilot.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was like everyone else on the planet, but oh  boy, did she love, love, love talking &  sharing her ideas with everyone around. 🙂

That being said, I’d like to welcome you to my Blog. This has been looooong due in my “To-Do list” and finaaally- I’m getting around to it. Throughout my teenage years, I’d maintained a detailed Journal- where I poured my heart out regarding anything & everything which was on my mind. With this Blog, I’m going to try to continue the same honest opinion about things that matter to me or talk about things which I’ve been stalking on Pinterest. 😉

With this, I’d like to quote English playwright, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who said that- “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Replacing the pen with my keyboard in this century, I sure hope he’s right. 😀